frequently asked questions

In order to help you use our web site, order patterns & fabrics and find out about our business, we've created this page to address the most frequently asked questions. And as always, if you have specific questions for us, please email them to and we'll get right back to you.

How do I buy Amy's patterns?
You can use our web site a few different ways to buy the patterns. You can check where to buy to find a great store on the web, or locate a retailer in your area. We here at Amy Butler Design do not actually sell direct to customers but to distributors and shop owners as wholesale. If you are looking from outside the U.S.A., several of our on-line retailers ship worldwide.

How do I buy Amy's fabrics?
You can use our web site a few different ways to buy the fabrics. You can check where to buy to find a great store on the web, or locate a retailer in your area. We here at Amy Butler Design do not actually sell the fabric, it is produced by Free Spirit Fabrics - they license Amy's name and designs and distribute the fabrics globally. If you are looking from outside the U.S.A., several of our on-line retailers ship worldwide.

How do I find out "What's New" with Amy's designs and products?
We've added a "New" button to our opening page of the web site. Just a quick click and you will get a pop up window that shows the latest developments in the studio. Please check back often, as we are continually adding updates.

Does Amy offer any Free patterns?
Yes! We now have a "Free Pattern" button on the front page of the web site so it's easy to run through a varied selection of projects offered. We have everything from quilt patterns to home dec projects. Please download and share with your friends! Click on 'free patterns' on the menu.

Where do I find Amy's patterns corrections and updates?
You will find all of our latest corrections, updates and hints and tips on our main sewing pattern page. We are always looking to improve our patterns and try as we might, even after many many hours of testing, we often find instructions that need "tweaked". We also add a wide variety of "hints & tips" that come in from our sewing community with a lot of great ideas and new products to use to make the best project possible. We always welcome any suggestions you may have, so drop us a note and let us know what you think.

Questions about Amy's fabrics:

If I design sewing patterns or sewing books can I use Amy's fabrics?
Absolutely! We would love it! Just as a courtesy, if you could mention on your pattern or book that you used Amy's fabrics that would be greatly appreciated. Please let us know if we can help you get some complimentary yardage from Free Spirit Fabrics for your project. We'd love to help!

Can I use Amy's fabrics to make projects to sell or use in manufacturing finished goods?

Why does it say "For Non-Commercial Use" on Amy's fabrics?
Everyone is free to use the fabrics for manufacturing. The text on the fabric selvedge will be removed in future printings.
To set up a wholesale account and to place a wholesale order, please contact customer service
TOLL FREE: 866-907-3305    FAX: 864-877-3269

Can I use Amy's brand name(s) or logo on my products, "Amy Butler", "Amy Butler Design" or "Amy Butler's Midwest Modern"?
This question just came up from a manufacturer yesterday, and it's such a good question, thanks everyone for your inquiries. Please always check with our studio if you have any other questions relating to brand name use, we are happy to help any way we can.

The answer is no because Amy's name and logo in all forms is a trademarked brand name. Amy's various trademarks have been registered worldwide and it would be illegal to reproduce her name or logo on any product. If you are using Amy's fabrics to make or manufacture products, using your brand name would be the very best way to go to promote your talents and goods.

Can I use Amy's print artwork (from the fabrics) to reproduce on other items?
Sorry, but No. The artwork on the fabrics is protected by copyright. Amy licenses her artwork to be used on other items such as paper products, stationery, etc.


Questions about Amy's Sewing Patterns:

Amy's patterns are fun, and the perfect outlet for your creative energy! The projects are great for sewing clubs, quilt shop classes and making multiple gifts for friends and family. We hope you find a lot of joy in working with our patterns. We are always striving to make them the best they can be. If you have any ideas or suggestions that you'd like to share with us, we'd love to hear them! Please write us here at the studio at

Over time a few great questions have come up concerning copyright and use of Amy's patterns. If you have any questions in this area, please read on to learn more.

Can I buy the patterns and make the projects to sell?
No. Here's how our new copyright reads on our patterns:

All designs © Amy Butler 2000-2007 - Art of the Midwest, LLC
This pattern is for personal home use. Projects are not to be produced for commercial purposes, nor are they to be made into items for sale. This pattern is copyright protected and reproduction of it is not permitted.

If you are still receiving the old copyright notice in our packaging, please know it is being replaced. We will honor the above simpler, and more generic copyright policy. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. To learn more about copyright law go to the United States Copyright Office web site at Also, you may want to read about the McCall Pattern Company's copyright policy on the discussion boards at

We always encourage folks to create their own unique pattern designs to create products for sale. There is so much potential for great design. If you are inspired to work with Amy's patterns, she always says..... "if I can do it, so can you! " Go out there and make your own, unique amazing creations! The energy and passion behind small business is what makes the world go round!

Please note that many great designers on Ebay and other sites create wonderful finished products of their own design , you'll often notice that they use Amy's fabrics. That's a good thing! It's totally ok for the designers to mention that the fabric they used is an Amy Butler fabric ( and Amy's very flattered! ).

shop owners - faqs

Thank you for your interest in selling Amy's sewing patterns and fabric designs! We have a few questions below to answer some of the general questions you may have as a store owner. Please drop us a note if we can help you with other questions, or listen to your ideas and suggestions. We appreciate your energy and input and want to support you in the best way possible.

Can anyone sell Amy’s sewing patterns?
To help protect all of our great business partners, we only sell to retailers who have established brick-and-mortar shops or valid online shops. We do not sell to discounters, buying clubs/coorperatives or consignment shops. We validate retailers before filling orders to determine that they are legitimate businesses with an established website or brick-and-mortar shop.

Can I make kits out of your patterns with fabrics?
Yes. We've found that it's a good cross-merchandising technique and a great way to sell fabric. Please feel free to utilize any of my free quilt and project patterns to make kits for your store. You can find them here. - Click on 'free patterns' on the menu.

Can I make the patterns into models for my store to help sell the patterns?
Yes. We know how effective seeing the finished result is! And thank you for doing so.

Can I download images from Amy's website to display in my store or on my website?
If you would like to use images from Amy's website for promotional purposes, that would be great! Please check in with Susan Robson: for approval. We can also email you jpeg files if that helps in your planning.