Pattern update for working with Corduroy Fabric for The Little Daisy's Big Nap Pillow & Silly Spider Toy (Note: if you are working with quilter's cotton, you can follow the instructions as spec'd in the pattern.)

Thank you to a sewer who wrote in and told us about her experience with making the Little Daisy's Big Nap Pillow out of my corduroy fabric. She found that when she washed and dried the corduroy, following the manufacturer's care instructions, the width of the fabric became too narrow to fit all of the pattern pieces on according to the instruction layout.

Here are the changes you will need to make to the yardage requirements. Also, please follow the new pattern layout.

Materials List using Corduroy

In Step 2A & 2F-G please change or add the words below in red

A. Fold your fabric in half lengthwise with the WRONG sides together matching the selvage edges*. (See Fig. 1)

Replace Fig 1 with:

F. Place the following pieces on the folded fabric. (See Fig. 1)

  • Use one of the Back Panels as a pattern piece for the Front Panel and cut 1 on the fold* - DO NOT cut along the center crease.
  • Cut 2 Daisy Petals (skip this step)
  • Cut 2 Plackets on the fold.

G. Now open the remaining fabric out as single layer with the RIGHT side facing up. Lay the Petal pieces on the fabric as shown.

  • Cut 9 Daisy Petals