The Gypsy Sling – Fabric Strap option

Note: We have updated the Materials List and instructions for making the Fabric Strap option.

Thank you to an observant sewer who brought this to my attention. I designed the Gypsy Sling with the option of making Fabric Straps in place of the Leather Straps. The Materials List and the instructions for the optional Fabric Straps need to be adjusted in order for the Straps to be the correct length. Follow the steps below if you are making the Fabric Strap option only. The changes are noted in red. Please print this update and keep it with your original pattern.


Gypsy Sling

Fabric Width

Exterior Fabric Yardage

Lining Fabric Yardage

Fusible woven interfacing yardage

44" wide

1 3/8 yds (no additional yardage needed for Optional Fabric Straps)

2 yds

8 3/4 yds (10 yds if using the Optional Fabric Straps)


54" wide

1 3/8 yds

2 yds

3 3/8 yds


Step 2.


Replace Fig. 1 with the following:

Exterior Fabric:

(For either 44” or 54” wide fabric)

B. For the optional Fabric Strap, measure and mark two 3 1/2" x 41” pieces from the remaining Exterior fabric along the selvage edges. (See Fig. 1)

- Cut 2 Fabric Straps

Fusible Interfacing:

For 44” wide quilting-weight fabric:

G. Then, lay the remaining interfacing as a single layer with the glue side facing up.

- Cut 2 Pocket Panels

- Fold the Cell Phone Pocket pattern piece back at the dashed line and cut 1.

- Cut 2 optional Fabric Straps using a Fabric Strap you have already cut as a pattern. (See Fig. 3)

Replace Fig. 3 with the following:

Step 3.

F. Fuse one interfacing panel each to the WRONG sides of the 2 Pocket Panels, on one half of the Cell Phone Pocket, and, if using the optional Fabric Strap, 2 strap pieces.

Step 14.


Disregard Steps 14A and B and the illustration between Steps 14A and B, and go directly to Step 14C.

E. Fold the Strap in half again at the center crease enclosing the raw edges and press. Pin along the matched edges. Starting and stopping 2 1/2" from each end, edge stitch down both long edges making sure to backstitch. Repeat for the second Strap.

Continue with Step 14F as written.