Pattern Update for the Fringed Hobo Bag from "Style Stitches".
(Both Sizes)

Thanks to the sewer who discovered that I need to correct a step in my "Hobo Bag". The updated instructions are shown below in red and will be reflected in future publications of the book.

  • Under "Additional Tools Needed" on page 105 delete
    • Tracing wheel
    • Wax-free tracing paper
  • In Step 4 on page 107 delete Step 4a.
  • In Step 4d on page 108 I have changed this step to read as follows:
d. Place the interfaced side of the yoke onto the Right side of the first main panel, lining up the top inside curved edges, and pin in place. Next smooth the yoke down the front of the main panel, pinning the pressed edge of the yoke to the panel. Edge stitch* all the way around the outside curved edge of the yoke and backstitch* at each end.