pattern corrections - Laptop Cover & MP3 Case

CLICK HERE to download a printed PDF version of the updates for the Laptop Cover & MP3 Case.

The text highlighted below has been added to clarify the instructions when using a fabric with a one-way design.

Step 2
B. Place the two Exterior Main Panels WRONG sides together. NOTE: If using a one-way design print, turn the panels so the design(s) on the fabric are placed opposite of each other. Use your scissors and the pattern piece as a guide, round off both corners on each side of the top long edge and then open the panels so the WRONG sides are facing up. Mark 1 as the Top Flap and 1 as the Bottom Flap. NOTE: Please take a minute and make sure you have the panels in the right places. The Top Flap will have the rounded corners placed at the bottom and the Bottom Flap will have the rounded corners at the top. Repeat this step to make a Top and Bottom Flap from the Lining Main Panels and 6 from the canvas (3 Top and 3 Bottom Flaps).