pattern update - The "Liverpool" cuff update

Thank you to all of the sewers who have asked for more illustrations to support Steps 13 and 14. I've added more detail to each step along with a few illustrations. Now you can clearly see how to attach the Button Loops to the Cuffs for the 3/4-length and long Sleeves. These updates have been added in all printings from April 1, 2010 forward.

I also wanted to share a photo of the back of the Liverpool so you can see the details with the belt tied toward the back. Also showing is a photo of the tunic length with 3/4 length sleeves.


Please print off the instructions and the new illustrations below to update your pattern.

~In Step 13D and Step 13F please change or add the words below in red.

D. Next, fold the Button Loop in half matching the short ends. Flip the end of the loop on top over to the side, placing the finished edges side-by-side. Stitch across the ends a few times to hold them together.

F. Open the first Sleeve and place it RIGHT side up. Start at the bottom folded edge of the Cuff, and measure 1 1/8" up along the back side edge and make a mark. Place the ends of the first Button Loop above the mark and pin them in place. Machine baste a 1/4" seam across the ends to secure the Loop. Repeat this step to attach the other Button Loop to the second Sleeve.

~In the illustration for Step 14A please add the following text shown in red.

~In Step 14D please change or add the words below in red.

D. Next, at the seam where the cuff is attached, fold it toward the WRONG side of the Sleeve; press and pin it in place. Then edge stitch close to the inner folded edge, and backstitch at each end.

~In Step 14F please change or add the words below in red.

F. Turn the Liverpool RIGHT side out. Then on the first Sleeve, fold the Cuff over toward the RIGHT side of the Sleeve; 1 1/2" for the short or elbow length (or 2" for the 3/4 or long length). Press it in place. Repeat this step to fold the Cuff on the second Sleeve.

Illustrations for Steps 14F and 14G