Betty Shopper Updates

CLICK HERE to download a printed PDF version of the updates for the Betty Shopper.

These are new instructions for replacing Timtex™ with Peltex® #70 by Pellon® to interface the Divider Panels.

Please note that Timtex™ is now available again through C&T Publishing. You can use either Peltex® or Timtex™ to make your project.

Before getting started, please mark these changes on your instructions pages for each of the steps below. The information that has changed is highlighted in yellow.

~On the back cover and on page 1 side 1 of the instructions page, change the Materials List to:

Materials List
Allow extra yardage to match or center a design on your fabric
From 54" wide heavier Home Dec fabric OR 44" wide quilting weight fabric:
-1 1/2 yards of one print for the Exterior
-2 5/8 yards of a coordinating print for the Lining
NOTE: Follow the interfacing recommendations for the fabric weight you are using.
-2 yards of 22" wide heavyweight sew-in interfacing if using a heavier weight fabric for the Exterior (we use Pellon® 50)
OR –1 1/8 yards of 60" wide 10 oz cotton canvas if using the quilting weight fabric for the Exterior
-1 3/4 yards of 20" wide Peltex® #70 by Pellon® or a similar extra-heavy stabilizer
-4 (size 7/16") extra large Eyelets or grommets (with tool) from Prym-Dritz™
-1 spool of a coordinating all-purpose thread (we use Coats Dual Duty XP®)

On the instructions pages please make the following changes for the steps listed.

~In the Note before the Finished Size and in Step 1C and 2D replace "Timtex" with "Peltex".

~Then below 2D make the following changes:

From the Peltex
-Cut 2 Pocket Panels on the fold**
-Cut 2 Bottom Panels on the fold** (Use the Bottom Panel for the size bag you are making)

From the Interfacing (if using a heavyweight fabric)
-Cut 2 Main Panels on the fold**
-Cut 1 Bottom Panel on the fold**

From the Canvas (if using a quilting weight fabric)
-Cut 2 Main Panels on the fold**
-Cut 1 Handle on the fold**
-Cut 1 Bottom Panel on the fold**

~In Step 3 please replace "Timtex" with "Peltex":

~In Step 3B, 3C, 3D and 3E replace "Timtex" with "Peltex" along with the illustration for Step 3D.

~Replace Step 3F on the instruction page with 3F, 3G, and 3H as written below:
F. Using your scissors, trim 1" off from one long and one short edge of both the Peltex Bottom Panels. Then place the panels on top of each other matching the edges and machine baste them together.
[Updated illustration included below]

Step 3F

G. Next, place the interfacing onto the WRONG side of the Exterior Bottom Panel and pin it in place. Machine baste just short of 1/2" down both long and one short edge. Leave the other short end unstitched.

H. Insert the Peltex Bottom Panel in between the Exterior and interfacing panels. Machine baste across the short end of the panel to enclose the Peltex.

~Change Step3G to I.

~Replace illustration Step 5C and 5G with the revised illustrations included below.

Step 5C

Step 5G

~ Replace "Timtex" with "Peltex" in the following places: Steps 6A, illustration for Step 6A and Step 6C, Step 7C and Step 7C illustration.

~On the pattern pieces, make the changes below:
Replace "Timtex" with "Peltex"

Large and small versions
Cut 1 on the fold for Exterior
Cut 1 on the fold for Lining
Cut 2 on the fold from Peltex®
Cut 1 on the fold from the interfacing or canvas