In Town Bag Updates

CLICK HERE to download a printed PDF version of the updates for the In Town Smart Handbag.

These are new instructions for replacing Timtex™ with fusible Peltex® by Pellon® to stabilize the bottom of the "Smart Handbag" from the "In Town Bag" pattern.

Please note that Timtex™ is now available again through C&T Publishing. You can use either Peltex® or Timtex™ to make your project.

Before getting started, please mark these changes on your instructions pages for each of the steps below. The information that has changed is highlighted in yellow.

NOTE: If you have an earlier printing of the In Town Bag pattern that calls for Pellon's® Craft Fuse® for the interfacing you will need updated instructions from us to be able to utilize these instructions. Please email and we would be happy to send the instructions to you.

~On the back cover and on page 1 side 1 of the instructions please make the following changes in the Materials List:

Materials List for the Smart Handbag
- 1/2 yard of 44" wide mid-weight fabric for the Exterior.
- 1/2 yard of 44" wide mid-weight fabric for the Lining
- 1/4 yard of 22" wide single-sided fusible Peltex® from Pellon® OR a similar extra heavy stabilizer for the Bottom Panel
- 1 yard of 20" wide heavyweight sew-in Interfacing (we use Pellon® 50)
- 1 spool of coordinating all-purpose thread (we use Coats Dual Duty XP®)

NOTE: The following materials would be needed for making a closure for the bag. The closure is optional. If you'd rather not make a closure simple use a new or vintage broach to add decorative detail.
- 1 mid-size decorative button for the front closure
- 1 small decorative button for the back of the Handbag
- 6" of 1/4" wide ribbon for the Handbag closure.

~Please add "Pressing cloth" to the Tools needed.

On the instructions pages please make the following changes for the steps listed.

~In Step 2 please change "From the Timtex" to:
From the fusible Peltex:
- Cut 2 Bottom Panels

From the heavyweight sew-in Interfacing:
- Cut 2 Main Panels
- Cut 2 Side Panels
- Cut 2 Handles
- Cut 1 Bottom Panel - Please ADD

~Next replace Step 4D and 4E on the instruction page with Steps 4D through 4G below.

D. Place the interfacing Bottom Panel on the WRONG side of the Exterior Bottom Panel matching the edges. Pin it in place. Machine baste just short of a 1/2" from both long edges and across one short end, leaving one short end unstitched.

E. Next, use your scissors and trim 1 1/4" off one long and one short edge on both the 2 Peltex Bottom Panels.

F. Place the fusible sides of the panels together. Use a pressing cloth and follow the manufacturers instructions to fuse them in place.

G. Insert the Peltex panel through the unstitched end between the Exterior Bottom and interfacing Panels. Pin the opening closed, then stitch across the pinned edge.

~In Step 5A please change the step numbers to read:
A. Follow the instructions in Step 3H through 3L to make the Exterior of the Handbag.

~The illustrations for Step 7A and 7C are updated and are included in this download.

Step 7A

Step 7C

~In the Glossary, delete Timtex from your list of terms.

~On the pattern page please change the current information on the pattern pieces to the highlighted text below:

Cut 1 for Exterior
Cut 1 for Lining
Cut 2 from fusible Peltex

After updating your instructions you are ready to make your Smart Handbag. Have fun!