Sophia Carry-all Updates

CLICK HERE to download a printed PDF version of the updates for the Sophia Carry-all.

These are new instructions for replacing Timtex™ with fusible Peltex® by Pellon® to stabilize the bottom of the carry-all.

Please note that Timtex™ is now available again through C&T Publishing. You can use either Peltex® or Timtex™ to make your project.

Before getting started, please mark the changes on your instructions pages for each of the steps below. The information that has changed is highlighted in yellow.

~On the back cover and on page 1 side 1 of the instructions change the reference for Timtex in the Materials List to:
-1/4 yard of 22" wide single-sided fusible Peltex® by Pellon® or a similar extra-heavy stabilizer.

~Please add "Pressing cloth" to the Tools needed.

Then on the instruction pages please make the following changes:

~In Step 2D it should read:
D. Open up the interfacing panels and use them as full-size pattern pieces on a single-layer of fleece.

From the fusible Fleece
-Cut 2 Main Panels
-Cut 1 Bottom Panel
-Cut 2 End Panels

From the fusible Peltex:
E. Use the entire Bottom Insert pattern piece:
-Cut 1 Bottom Insert for the Bottom Panel

F. Fold the Bottom Insert pattern piece back at the dashed line:
-Cut 1 Bottom Insert for the False Bottom

~In Step 4H (if using 44" wide light to mid-weight fabric) and Step 4F (if using 54" wide heavier Home Dec fabric):
Center the longer Peltex Bottom Insert with the fusible side facing the interfaced side of the Exterior Bottom Panel. Place the fusible side of the fleece on top of the Insert. Use a pressing cloth and fuse the fleece to the Bottom Panel, sealing the edges and enclosing the Peltex.

~In Step 14C and the text for the illustration supporting it, should read:
C. Slide both pieces of Template plastic and the other Peltex insert inside the False Bottom.

~On the pattern page please change the current information on the pattern pieces to the highlighted text below:

On the Bottom Panel pattern piece, delete "Cut 1 from the Timtex".

~IMPORTANT: We have updated the False Bottom Insert pattern piece so it can be used to make the Peltex piece for the Bottom Panel as well. Disregard your False Bottom Insert pattern piece and download the new updated one.

Click here to download a full size pattern piece for the Bottom Insert. Print this PDF at 100%.

Now you have finished updating your pattern. Have fun!