My Digital Patterns Are Now Available Wholesale!

I am so excited to introduce you to an amazing new company I am working with called UpCraft Club.  Since I started offering digital patterns, I’ve been searching for the best way for you to offer my PDFs to your customers. UpCraft Club’s program is an easy and cost-effective way for you to market and sell digital patterns. My entire collection of PDF patterns are now available through UpCraft, including my best sellers such as the Birdie Sling and Gum Drop Pillows! As my partnership grows with Upcraft, you’ll be able to find and sell all of my latest and greatest patterns bringing you super accessibility and lots of ease! Read below for full details or contact Jess at UpCraft Club.

What Selling Digital Patterns Means For Your Brick and Mortar and Online Business?

  • No expensive inventory to stock.
  • Brand new revenue – Access to product never available to you before.
  • Sell more fabric & notions by offering your customers a breadth of PDF sewing patterns.
  • Excellent customer service is one of your greatest assets. That’s why each Pattern Card includes the size chart, material requirements and versions of the design. You can help the customer find not only the patterns, but also all of the materials she will need!
  • On the back of each card is a unique URL link. When a customer visits this link, the pattern will automatically be added to her cart and be ready for checkout.
  • For our online friends, Upcraft provides an affiliate program which makes selling to your customer a breeze.

How it Works?

You pay a small fee and this includes your first 4 sets of Digital Pattern Cards.(these are cards to display in your store) For the first 30 days after getting started with Upcraft, you’ll receive 100% of the retail cost of each pattern sold. This means you can recoup your initial set-up fee quickly!

As you want to offer more designs, you can order a package of digital pattern cards for the retail price of each pattern you choose. For example, if you want a new $10 bag pattern, you will pay $10 to get a copy of the pattern (for sample making) and 50 Digital Pattern cards of that design to sell.

What about International Retailers and Distributors?

  • For our international retailers, UpCraft Club is happy to work with you either online and/or with your brick and mortar shop to create a plan that works for you. Contact Jess at
  • UpCraft Club also works with Distributors by setting up an individual plan for distributing cards to each of their participating Retailers.

Enjoy this Limited Time Special Offer!

UpCraft Club is offering $50 OFF their annual membership when you sign up now! This offer is valid only at their wholesale site:  Activate by entering the code AMYBUTLER at checkout.  For more information on this great program, of if you have any questions, check out or contact Jess at