Dreaming in Color Workshop
with Amy Butler & Senior Life Coach Hildie Dunn


Join textile designer Amy Butler and Handel Group® senior life coach Hildie Dunn for a colorful, image-inspired workshop packed with ideas, creative insights, and inner exploration.

During this dynamic, fun-filled workshop, Amy will guide you as you create signature color palettes for your design work using your personal images, fabrics, ephemera and photos. During this exploration you will connect deeply with your heart too. Hildie will help you discover and define your dreams for your life. You will learn how to honor and tell the truth about what you really want while dismantling the fears that are holding you back.

You will leave this workshop empowered, inspired and tapped into your unique creative spirit!

To hear about more upcoming Dreaming in Color workshops, email workshops@amybutlerdesign.com and our Sweet Susan can help you out!

Amy and Hildie

Sold Out!

Morocco Ya Salam Adventure
with Amy Butler & April Meeker
November 8-13, 2014
Peacock Pavillions - Marrakesh, Morocco

An exotic, inspiring adventure exploring the sights, sounds, and souks of Marrakesh, combined with creative workshops in collage, color play, watercolor, sewing and more! Bask in the elegant luxury of the Peacock Pavillions while enjoying gourmet meals, amazing gardens and surroundings. Be sure to check out full details and itenerary in this PDF brochure.

Stay tuned for more upcoming events!

Are you Ready to Remove the Blocks to Your Creative Abundance?

I am partnering with my life coach Hildie Dunn to offer up some powerful teleseminars and telecourses in hopes of inspiring more of you to dream bigger and believe in your dreams. My experience with Hildie has been phenomenal - not just in terms of business and creativity, but in ALL areas of my life. I believe we are all here to shine our light and give fully of who we are. We are meant to have a life full of love, deep joy and satisfaction. The tools that I have learned with Hildie and the Handel Method® have helped me access these qualities in myself and I’m deeply grateful to have the opportunity to share them with you.

If you are looking to move through blocks in your life or are an artist, creative spirit or a design entrepreneur I know you can benefit greatly from these events.

Do you ever feel like you are stuck? Like you could use a pep talk that's not only inspiring but also slices through your current way of thinking and handling your challenges? I encourage you to join in on one of our teleseminars and courses or click here to sign up for Handel's FREE newsletter and get a FREE CONSULT. Be sure to ask about programs for Creatives if you are one.

I’m so excited for you and know that taking advantage of these fabulous resources will support you in every area of your life!

XO, Amy

Check out my online classes at Creative Bug!

I am so excited to be announcing my partnership with Creativebug. Creativebug has an extensive on line class offering featuring stylish DIY classes by the designers themselves. I have always enjoyed and respected their amazing videos and I am honored that I am working with them on some crafty classes of my own. We start with the launch of my first class where you will get a fun intro to stenciling. Followed by my Appliqué Tunic class where I show you how to up cycle two t-shirts from your stash and turn them into a fabulous tunic that we appliqué with beautiful quilting fabrics. Fun! Stop by Creativebug today to learn more about their new, low monthly cost of just $9.95 per month. They also make it super easy to buy a class ala' carte'!

Love and Light, Amy

Click Here to see it all at Creativebug!

Just click on 'instructors' then click on 'Amy Butler'!

NOTE: This is an affiliate link with our good friends at creativebug... Thank you for helping to support the companies I enjoy working with!