I love to inspire and share with you every way I can, and I’ve partnered with my friend and Senior life coach Hildie Dunn from the The Handel Group to create events that will light your creative fire! We are currently creating new experiences so check back often to see our offerings.

To learn more about the Handel Group and to receive a free 30-minute consult and coaching session click HERE.


I am returning to the Peacock Pavilions in Morocco for two exciting weeks of adventure and creativity in 2019! I you are interested in finding out more information and details about either of these two weeks, please email Susan at workshops@amybutlerdesign.com to have your name added to our contact list.


If you are interested in being placed on a Waiting List, please contact Susan at workshops@amybutlerdesign.com.


If you are interested in being placed on a Waiting List, please contact Susan at workshops@amybutlerdesign.com.


For more information on upcoming events or if you would like to be placed on a wait list for upcoming Dreaming In Color Workshops, please contact the Studio at workshops@amybutlerdesign.com.

Here's what our friends are saying about our Events!

"I have worked with Amy Butler Design and Hildie Dunn for a year. It has been amazing, organic and so inspiring. Hildie teaches a beautiful new way to look at your life. You learn to work from your dreams and take down the bad theories that stop you from being your best true self. Amy is open in sharing what she has learned and how it has guided her in her business and life. The pair of them together offer so much love, positive energy and guidance. It has been one of the most eye opening profound experiences of my life." - Cindy

"Amy teamed up with a fabulous life coach Hildie Dunn, whom I simply cannot say enough about. Hilde is down to earth, honest and intuitive and just what I needed. I also met the most marvelous women - soft personalities, exuberant personalities and there was so much warmth and good will going on." - Monica

"I feel so much gratitude for this experience and blessed to have been in the company of such brave, creative and fantastic women. Thank you all for sharing so much of yourselves. Truly honored." - Erin

"Thank you for everything Amy! I had an amazing time and am so grateful to have been given this opportunity. You and Hildie have changed my life forever! xoxo" - Andrea

"Amy and Hildie created a nurturing environment for women of all walks of life to talk about BIG stuff. I was astounded. Ever since I left on Sunday, I am getting specific, focused and unapologetic about what I want in this lifetime. I am making a plan." -Erin

Textile designer Amy Butler and Handel Group® senior life coach Hildie Dunn have created a Workshop packed with ideas, creative insights, and inner exploration.

During this dynamic weekend, Amy will lead you through intuitive creative projects that help you focus on your natural ability to make creative and unique design choices. Amy will guide you each step of the way! During this exploration, you will connect deeply with your heart too. Hildie will help you discover and define your dreams for your life as you learn how to honor and tell the truth about what you really want while dismantling the fears that are holding you back.

You leave this workshop empowered, inspired and tapped into your unique creative spirit!

Check out my online classes at Creative Bug!

I am so excited to be announcing my partnership with Creativebug. Creativebug has an extensive on line class offering featuring stylish DIY classes by the designers themselves. I have always enjoyed and respected their amazing videos and I am honored that I am working with them on some crafty classes of my own. We start with the launch of my first class where you will get a fun intro to stenciling. Followed by my Appliqué Tunic class where I show you how to up cycle two t-shirts from your stash and turn them into a fabulous tunic that we appliqué with beautiful quilting fabrics. Fun! Stop by Creativebug today to learn more about their new, low monthly cost of just $9.95 per month. They also make it super easy to buy a class ala' carte'!

Love and Light, Amy

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